Hi, I’m Bridget!

I love helping indie authors produce manuscripts that are professional, polished, and error-free.

I believe in independently published books that match the quality of traditionally published books and I care about fixing typos that distract from the message you wish to convey to your reader.

Words fascinate me, and I take a special delight in punctuation.

I have experience copyediting/proofreading novels, short stories, and non-fiction manuscripts.

Although I have received no official editorial training, I have spent the last several years in self-taught employments that include studying from books such as The Chicago Manual of Style, The Elements of Style, The Pocketbook of Proofreading, and The McGraw-Hill Desk Reference for Editors, Writers, and Proofreaders.

Genres that I have copyedited/proofread include:

  • Historical Fiction
  • Christian Fiction
  • Children’s Fiction
  • Christian Inspirational (Nonfiction)

I respect your writing.

All edits are marked as suggestions for you to approve or disapprove, and I won’t make any changes to your manuscript or style choices without your knowledge or permission.

I work hard to make sure that every suggested edit I make is backed up by an authority on the English language (The Chicago Manual of Style, Merriam-Webster Dictionary, The Elements of Style, etc.).

I love reading. And history. And reading about history.

Thus Historical Fiction is my genre of choice when it comes to fiction. I am also fond of the classics. I enjoy activities such as writing, cooking, playing the piano and viola, singing, playing board games, and going on long walks.

I was born and spent many of my growing years in Kansas, the smack center of the United States. I love my home state with its great open plains and big sky. But I also love the ocean.

I am currently living in Southern Chile, South America. Here I enjoy a view of the sea, an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, and learning to speak a second language.

I am a follower of Jesus Christ.

He is the strength of my life. More than anything I want to be able to hear His voice and follow His plan for me, and I strive to live in a way that is pleasing in His eyes. With that in mind, I set high standards for myself in what I read and will only edit books that are clean and God-honoring.

Now tell me about yourself!

What are some things you enjoy doing? Your favorite genre to read/write? Hop on over to my contact page and introduce yourself. I’d love to hear from you!